How to rainbow off your belly in the shower:
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Mathematics philosophy and architecture
― I want to travel 
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Not your average education

The state
Bohr’s Complementarity (duality)
Heisenberg’s Uncertainty 
Einstein’s relativity 
The non-deterministic finitude of the quantum of action 
We’re all living at the speed of light 
Planck units = 1

13.7 billion (b) years ago (ya) universe 
4.6 b ya earth 
3.6 b ya cellular life 
2 b eukaryotic life 
1000 million (m) ya multicellular organisms 
1 m ya symbolic communication 
200 000 ya humans, phonemic diversity middle Stone Age 
12000 ya buildings 
60 ya electromagnetic data transport

The mind comprises of on/off patterns of ionic flux through nerve cell membranes, interacting with external wave-particles over time 
Information and time confers existence to matter
We are self aware mass units in spacetime 
Our awareness exists as memories 
Memories are comprised of nerve cell connections and activation patterns 
Sartre: Purpose confers meaning 
Einstein: spacetime is relative
Aurelius: discipline manifests destiny

Language is infinite use of finite units 
Language is genetically coded and learnt socially 
language evolved from beginnings in song 
Genetic mutation and expression for song promoted 
symbolic capacities could activate after social revolution 
FOXP2 linguistic genetic code 
Symbolic linguistic inference

World’s largest company makes 
$500 000 million AUD p.a. 
Average world income $18000 
Highest national average income $48000 in Luxembourg
33% of the world earn $700 pa 
5000 cubic km ice melting per year

99% of the sun’s energy comes from hydrogen hydrogen fusion as supported by neutrino spectral analysis 

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The solar neutrino flux
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